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My Practice

Minimally Invasive Forefoot Surgery

Keyhole corrective surgery for bunions and arthritis with minimal scarring, less post operative pain, and rapid return to activity.

Foot & Ankle Pain

Expert professional assessment and treatment for all foot & ankle conditions. Diagnosis, Advice, Surgery.

Ankle pain

Sport Injuries

Ligament injuries, Tendon ruptures, & Cartilage damage. Rapid diagnosis and treatment to accelerate return to sport.

Conditions treated


Modern minimally invasive (keyhole) bunion / hallux valgus correction for foot pain and deformity. 

Accelerated return to footwear / activity.

Ankle Arthritis

Ankle arthroscopy (keyhole) assessment & treatment of cartilage and/or ligament injuries. 

Ankle replacement / fusion surgery.

Lesser toes

Painful or unsightly hammer/claw toes deformity correction / straightened. 

Toe nail conditions treated.

Neuroma & Plantar Fasciitis, Ganglions

Foot pain – Detailed ultrasound, Xray, MRI investigations.

 Steroid injection, PRP, Surgical removal.

Ligament Injury

Ankle instability, high ankle sprains, Achilles tendon rupture – repaired.

Midfoot sprains. Lis franc ligament injury. Sport injury diagnosis & treatment.

Foot Arthritis

Big toe (hallux) arthritis – cheilectomy / replacement / fusion surgery. 

Midfoot arthritis, flat foot or high arch deformity reconstruction.

Experience, Honesty, Quality, Clarity

Thomas Goff in clinic
Thomas Goff performing minimally invasive bunion surgery

I know that there are lots of other places and people offering foot surgery. It can be confusing! My hope is that this website demonstrates my experience and helps you decide how to take your treatment forward. 


I am a UK trained surgeon, NHS Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon. 


I specialise in the assessment and treatment of all foot & ankle conditions. I am one of only a few UK surgeons highly trained in minimally invasive keyhole foot surgery. 


My approach minimises soft tissue injury, reduces scarring, reduces post surgical pain, and often enables earlier return to footwear, recreational activities, and work.



I am fee assured, seeing insured and self-pay patients privately at Spire Methley Park Hospital, Leeds, Yorkshire. 


I aim to provide honest and clear advice, offering my patients the highest quality surgical treatments that are safe and reliable. 


So, check out my website, and then please do get in touch if you would like to know more or to book a consultation.



“I was given time to discuss my foot problem and explore all my options. Mr Goff was very attentive and professional.”

Spire Methley Park Patient


If you would like to know more, have questions about the conditions I treat, or would like to arrange a consultation.